Project name

Ballinrobe Town Hall Development Project





The voluntary committee charged with the task of providing Ballinrobe with a New Town Hall, and the people of the town, will welcome any support from friends and supporters in the United States.

In recent times, Ballinrobe has seen significant improvement in the town amenities. However there is no facility in the town in which to gather together as a community to socialise, to hold festivals or similar events. We cannot offer a suitable space to invite touring artistic and cultural acts. We do not have a facility to host a town meeting, a seminar, a cineclub or any similar cultural experience. The young Irish Dancers, Ballerinas, Musicians and actors and actresses have no local facility in which to showcase their talent. Members of our community have achieved many successes in National Sports, at AIMS the National Musical awards to name a few, but we do not have a place where we can gather to celebrate those successes and to hold charity events or fundraise to assure future success.

Ballinrobe Town Hall will be immediately functional as a multi-purpose building capable of hosting events for up to 400 people. The community needs as identified in the Public Consultation process will be met as of the day the building opens its doors – meeting rooms, sports registration, social events, performance space. Additional investment and reinvestment will allow for further enhancement and development of performance space resulting in a state of the art stage and lighting gantry.

The long term outcome for Ballinrobe Town is future-proofing the town and assuring its sustainability. Mayo County Council recently identified Ballinrobe as a key town stating the overall success of the town will depend largely on the continued promotion of the town as an attractive area in which to invest, live and work. Ballinrobe Town Hall will be part of that success story.