Item DescriptionQtyUnit CostCost
Site Preparationn/an/a$     28,000
Substructuren/an/a$   139,000
Structure build & finishn/an/a$   580,000
Drainage & refuse disposaln/an/a$     11,000
Mechanical$     85,000
Electrical$     76,000
Lift installation$     33,000
Fittings & Furniture$     59,000
Site services$       9,600
Site Enclosures$     30,000
Drainage$     21,000
Roads, Paths, Paving$     18,000
Landscaping$       5,500
Prelims (Insurance, scaffold, H&S, ….)$     78,000
VAT$   159,000
TOTAL$ 1,332,100

All cost estimates as per report completed by Dixon & Dever Quantity Surveyors

The voluntary team associated with this exciting and challenging initiative for the town of Ballinrobe is reaching out to its diaspora in the United States for a contribution of $59,000 initially to fund the provision of fittings and furniture.

Appropriate recognition and reward programs relating to key donations are being prepared by the committee.