Western Care empowers people with a wide range of learning and associated disabilities in County Mayo to live full and satisfied lives as equal citizens. It is a voluntary organisation, made up of parents/family members, service users, staff, supporters, and volunteers.  

Castlebar Area Work

Western Care Association provides a range of services to people with intellectual and physical disability and autism. Primarily meeting people’s day, respite and residential needs, Western Care Association seeks funding to purchase a wheelchair accessible bus. This is to ensure that people who rely on a wheelchair for their mobility, for health, social and leisure purposes, can do so readily.

For the young adults residing within Western Care, they need frequent access to specialised transport to fulfill most of their basic daily activities, to access vital medical care, to engage with their family and friends, and to interact with their local community.

The provision of this vehicle will be life-changing for hundreds of young people and adults living with mobility challenges. They will forever be in the debt to those who give selflessly to support this important cause.

This volunteer driven service will support adult and young people across County Mayo.