Project name
Tochar Valley Community Leadership Program

Tochar Valley

For many decades, Sister Maureen Lally, has worked tirelessly to support grassroot organizations and
local communities across the Togher Valley in County Mayo, through the Tochar Valley Rural Community
Network. Tochar Valley comprises 18 communities – an area that stretches from Balla in the east to
Murrisk in the west. Sr Maureen, represents a true community leader – a change agent who has
expertise in bringing communities together, identifying leaders and building their capacity, and
supporting local organizations. Small towns and villages across Mayo rely on this expertise to further
their work and ensure their sustainability. In recognition of this work, Sr. Maureen was named “Mayo
Person of the Year” in 2018.
Sr. Maureen has developed a curriculum to help communities enhance their leadership skills, support
their local communities and build the capacity of local non-profit organizations, and she is reaching out
to the Mayo diaspora for support in funding the delivery of this curriculum across communities in the
Tochar Valley. No such training service exists presently in Co. Mayo! Your support will ensure that small
towns and villages across the Tochar Valley have access to the expertise needed to strengthen their