Old Irish Goat Sanctuary completion

The Old Irish Goat Society has completed renovations and reopened the visitors centre in Mulranny complete with Exhibition space, Audio Visual room and Gift Shop.  The grounds shelter  female goats with their kids so visitors can enjoy the young in action.

The nearby Sanctuary for the National Herd is almost complete and funding is now being sought to complete additional works.

This project promises to be a delightful tourist attraction where people can learn about the distinguishing characteristics of the goats and the role they have played in Irish agriculture in the past. Their emerging role in conservation grazing to prevent fires, reduce overgrowth and invasive species takeover is promising. This service will help with land management in a natural and chemical free way while the goats are protected and cared for under the best possible conditions.


The Old Irish Goat which played such a vital role in supporting families in rural Ireland during famine times (and before that), has been largely marginalised and forgotten about.  It is almost extinct having been replaced by the Irish feral goat (mixed breeds) on remote mountain ranges. Very few Old Irish goats remain that do not show signs of introgression with imported domestic stock.

The National Herd has been bred from carefully selected stock after extensive DNA testing.

They are majestic creatures with cold weather characteristics. Large horns adorn their heads and their long hair and beards hang down to their knees.


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