St. Muredach’s Cathedral Restoration



The goal of this project is to maintain, restore, protect and conserve the structure and heritage of St. Muredach’s Cathedral. The Cathedral is a landmark structure along the banks of the River Moy, it is a physical focal point of the social and spiritual community of the diocese. It is rich in architectural features and religious artefacts with many original features still intact that have been well maintained by generations of the community.

It is important that this conservation project preserves the authenticity of the Cathedral and retains, where possible, the original fabric of the structure. The aim of the restoration is to retain, recover and understand as much as possible the historical significance of the building. Short term outputs from the project are to repair the physical structure to ensure the building is safe and to conserve the traditional crafts. The ultimate objective is to protect and preserve the Cathedral as it moves to its bicentennial celebrations in 2027!

The entire project has been estimated to cost $2.6 million and a robust fundraising effort has commenced. The challenge of restoring the interior with its many delicate and ornate artefacts will involve the best craftsmen and specialist paints and materials. This element of the restoration will cost an estimated $600,000 and it will be possible to fund specific sections of the ceiling, supporting pillars and unique artefacts. Sponsorship packages will soon be available to interested corporations, families, individuals etc.

We are setting an initial US fundraising target of $600,000 to cover this phase of the restoration.