St. John Ambulance Ireland – Mayo Division

County Mayo


St. John Ambulance is a volunteer driven first aid and ambulance service and the Mayo Division covers a wide geographic area stretching well beyond county boundaries. The organization provides first aid and life saving training and medical services in County Mayo and surrounding counties. The Mayo division has 30 highly trained volunteers from all parts of the county, from those with first aid skills through to advanced paramedics and nurses. In times of major emergencies St. John Ambulance is a resource to the national ambulance service.

Funds raised from this initiative will be used to update training equipment to ensure that all volunteers receive training to the highest international standards in pre-hospital emergency care. They will also be applied to the maintenance of emergency vehicles and medical equipment.

This will ensure that communities in County Mayo receive best care in their time of need and will also assist St John Ambulance personnel in providing first aid training to the public.