The following costs are attributed to the project

ItemDescriptionTotal cost
Advice & Information provision (in advance of returning home)
Respond to increase in enquiries/referrals from those who are considering returning/or moving to Ireland post Covid-19 (regardless of issues/personal circumstances) $7,000
Outreach & Home Visits (to those who have returned home) Home visits to people who have returned (when restrictions are lifted post Covid-19) to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible and to assist with re-integration in their local communities. $7,000
Welcome Home Information and Resettlement Packs A-Z pack on moving home (personalised hard copies to each person who returned home and also available on line in a members only section of our website $5,000
Marketing/Promotion/Website Development Since the onset of Covid-19, demand for our virtual presence/response has increased and we wish to update our website services to include a members only interactive section$4,000
Documenting the Impact of Safe Home Ireland as we mark our 21st Anniversary We would like to conduct a detailed history and impact assessment of our work since inception and how Safe Home Ireland positively affected people’s lives, their families and the community at large. From our humble beginnings as a pilot project in Mulranny in 2000 to a national charity with a global remit. This will be the first time we have reflected on our work and had it independently documented. $7,000
Total project cost $30,000