Project name
Mulranny Playground



Funding is sought for the development of a Community Playground on a site adjacent to the Mulranny/Tiernaur Amenity Centre and Playschool. The development of a playground will provide one of the main priorities identified in the Mulranny Community Futures Action Plan. A community Playground will benefit the whole community, in particular families with young children and, as Mulranny is now recognised as an established holiday destination, it will benefit all the families that come on holiday to the village.

This project will provide a long sought-after facility and a healthy and fitness pursuit for children within a 10 KM radius as well as visiting children as Mulranny is a busy tourist destination.

Funding the project is a huge challenge for the Mulranny people, and they are reaching out for support to the huge numbers of Mulranny people now living in the US.

The overall playground project will cost in the region of US$ 112,000.