Mayo Peace Park
Garden of Remembrance Committee.
Established in 2002

There is no doubt but that history has an amazing way of repeating itself. The recent invasion of the Ukraine by Russian Forces has been a really strong reminder and a wake up call to everyone in the Western World. The similarities between Vladimir Putin are Adolf Hitler are very clear to be seen.
In Ireland those who fought and died in the world wars to oppose such tyrants were never given the respect they deserved until very recent times. The sacrifice they made for world peace was largely ignored in Ireland and many of those who did so were often portrayed as not fully Irish or even described as Pro British. This was of course a disgrace and a slur but it suited a certain nationalist controlled narrative.

It was only with the passing of the years and the fact that Ireland now had an more educated and enlightened people, that the reality of the world wars were fully appreciated. They now knew that that evil dictators had to be confronted and defeated if the world was to live with peace and freedom.
The development of the Mayo Peace Park, Garden of Remembrance was a remarkable achievement, in the light of what had gone on, as it brought home to everyone in County Mayo the absolute evidence and reality that so many Mayo people had gone out as volunteers to serve and die in the cause of world peace

The American Memorials in the Park

Memorials were erected to commemorate the Mayo born men who died with the US. Forces in world war one and world war two. There are different memorials in memory of those who died in the Korean and Vietnam wars. They were all emigrants from County Mayo who answered to call to defend America.

The American World War One Memorial

The current W.W.1 memorial cannot take any more names and a new memorial is required. There are at least 50 new Mayo born American names to be added on to this new memorial.

Appeal for Funding

The Voluntary Committee are making an urgent appeal for assistance to help fund this brand new memorial which will commemorate all young men who served and died in a far off land in the service of their adopted country. We think that it is right and fitting that their sacrifice would be always remembered in the own home county.

If there is anyone out there with or without an Irish or Mayo heritage who is willing to assist we would really appreciate their support, to defray the cost of replacing the old memorial with a much enhanced and fully inscribed new one.

Over 1,240 Mayo born soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians who died in world war one are currently commemorated in the Mayo Peace Park. One hundred and seven of those of those died with the American Forces in world war one and as more and more research is completed new names are unearthed.

We will never forget the sacrifice made by our young emigrant soldiers, please assist us in whatever way you can to make sure they are properly commemorated back in County Mayo, Ireland.