Project name
Mayo Rape Crisis Center

Location : Achill, Ballyhaunis, Belmullet

The project refers to the provision of services to victims of sexual violence in the Achill, Ballyhaunis, and Belmullet areas.

The Mayo Rape Crisis Center was established in July 1994 in response to a number of women and girls from the county contacting other centers, especially in Galway. A small group of women came together concerned at the lack of services or support in Mayo for women who had been sexually abused or raped.

Drive by a team of dedicated volunteers, the Mayo Rape Crisis Center aims to provide a safe, confidential and anonymous space for anyone who has experienced any form of sexual violence recently or in the past. The center is a space where survivors of rape and/or sexual abuse can talk and be heard. The basic philosophy is informed by the values of equality, empowerment and inclusiveness. Anyone can be a victim of sexual violence irrespective of race, age, economic circumstance or social status.

This project aims to provide a free, weekly specialist counselling, support and advocacy service to victims of sexual violence throughout the county. The key outcome and benefit from the project will be that victims will have access irrespective of where they live in the county. It will also help raise awareness in rural communities of the prevalence of sexual violence and rape. Isolation will no longer be a barrier of victims of sexual violence and rape throughout the county.

The Mayo Rape Crisis Center now wishes to engage professional counselling staff to provide outreach counselling and support clinics in the these areas at a cost for one year of $15,500. The budget is based on an hourly fee of $54.