Project name

Kiltimagh Museum – a project of love! – Keeping a community in touch with its past




Kiltimagh Museum under the auspices of The Kiltimagh Historical Society seeks to become a vibrant, up-to-date, accredited, and accessible museum stimulating the interest and awareness of the people of Ireland and its diaspora in the history of the Kiltimagh area.  To augment its ability to collect, preserve, and interpret artefacts and folklore related to Kiltimagh, the museum wishes to create a story-telling archive and expand and digitize its local genealogy reference library.  In order to reach out to local and worldwide users, the museum needs to launch an interactive website to assist people researching their heritage and to entice greater numbers of in-person visitors to the museum’s exhibits, artefacts, archives, and in-house tours.

The Kiltimagh Historical Society means to improve amenities at the museum and services for its visitors and to preserve it treasured artefacts according good practice and guidelines.  The museum plans to expand its hours, install new heating, lighting, kitchen, and toilet facilities, upgrade its infrastructure, and maintain its existing stone building and its displays.

Such improvements will help the museum, under the auspices of Kiltimagh Historical Society become a recognized museum and obtain accreditation and support from the Heritage Council.

The upgraded Kiltimagh Historical Society will also help the local community.  The museum will become a local employer in a community in which employment is limited and public transportation non-existent.  Indeed, it will become a gathering place for local craftspeople, poets, and artists to create the future as they preserve and study the past.