An underwater museum is an exciting artistic architectural structure and a pioneering idea for the west of Ireland. There are underwater museums in Lanzarote, Mexico, Grenada, the Bahamas and many other places, but none in Ireland. Underwater museums attract sub-aqua divers and snorkelers to the area as tourists. However, they are also good for the environment increasing biodiversity in the area.

The proposal is to locate the museum just outside Ballina in Killala Bay at nearby Kilcummin Pier, a place famous for the 1798 landing of the French Army that came to assist the Irish in achieving independence. It has easy access to deep, clear and safe water and even now there are scuba divers there 3 or 4 times a week.

The plan is to design approximately 50 statues and creations of relevance to Irish maritime history and Irish mythology, which include but are not limited to “The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Gráinne”, “Tir na Og”, the Celtic Tree of Life Symbol (Crann Bethadh). etc.

In addition, we hope to design the world’s largest underwater statute, that in terms of grandeur and beauty will compete with the existing one in the Bahamas.