Project name

County Mayo Foundation Inc – be a Part of the Start


New York City


County Mayo Foundation, as an organization, is working with over 100 voluntary groups across the county offering advice and support and facilitating their participation in online fundraising in the United States. To achieve its goals, we are incurring costs in developing this website and, also in building a support structure for organisations as well as marketing and communicating our work across the United States.

The foundation employs no staff and benefits greatly from the enthusiastic support of a growing team of volunteers and ambassadors across the United States. But much work requires to be done and costs relating to building our profile and reaching out to the estimated 2.5million Mayo Americans are unavoidable.

We know you have a passion for Mayo and we know that our work will change the lives of countless thousands in the county and, also in the United States. But we need your support and would ask you please to be a Part of the Start by making a contribution to our start up costs.