Project name

Autism Tutor Training Program
Silent no more – helping children with autism to communicate




This project is a labour of love driven by the passion and determination of a group of Mayo parents of children with autism. Any project that improves the quality of life and educational achievements of children with challenges is deserving of our support and even a small contribution will make a huge difference.

The objective of this project is to fund the training of a tutor in Rapid Prompting Method (RPM). To date, RPM Ireland has had to employ the services of RPM tutors from the UK and the US to provide RPM workshops to autistic children in Mayo. The short term objective is to fund training for an indigenous tutor which will be more sustainable in the medium to long term and increase the level of interaction with these children. Training will take place in the ‘HALO’ Institute in Austin, Texas, which is presently the only training center for RPM in the world.

Longer term. RPM Ireland has plans to develop a center of excellence in Ireland and based in Mayo. It is the combined determination of a loving and hard working group of Mayo parents of children with autism that has delivered the short term goals of the RPM program. No one doubts their ability to deliver the longer term goal!