Please join our “Be a Part of the Start Campaign” – where we are calling on our Mayo diaspora to help connect us with the 3.5 million diaspora who live across these United States.

County Mayo Foundation is an established 501(C)(3) Foundation, with a mission to connect our Mayo diaspora and strengthen communities by supporting – a very robust – non-profit sector in County Mayo. The Foundation is demonstrating a – first-of-its kind for Ireland – geographically targeted crowdfunding platform. And we are inviting you – our supporters – to be a part of the start.

Our approach is innovative. We have developed an online donation platform that will feature non-profits in County Mayo that are working across 5 sectors: i) education, ii) public health, iii) arts and culture, iv) recreation and v) social enterprise. This platform will allow donors to connect with those non-profits seeking to raise funding for very worthy initiatives. It will allow the donor to view – in real time – their support in action, by showing a non-profit’s progress in achieving its financial and programmatic goals. All organizations will be required to complete a rigorous application process and to report to the Board on progress.

And we won’t stop there – in 2020, we are working to launch a grant-making program, to bring to scale innovative projects achieving great impact. We will also explore the feasibility of creating a diaspora mentoring program for non-profits requiring capacity building – in a further effort to connect diaspora with their beloved home.

This Foundation represents an opportunity – like no other at present – to support and build the capacity of the over 300 non-profits in County Mayo – the many small grassroots organizations which represent the backbone of every small community. Organizations that mentor our young people, care for our elderly, develop new methods for engaging our most vulnerable populations, encourage active engagement in sport and the arts, preserve our culture, and develop social enterprise.

Please join us by supporting our Be a Part of the Start Campaign.